Robert W.
Dr Panjabi shows interest in his patients and presenting ideas on addressing their situation to help in reducing their incidence of chronic pain.

Adrian L.
Dr. Panjabi is a very conscientious medical professional. He has many patients but makes one feel like the only one. He dedicates his full attention to you and your needs during the appointment. He also has medical equipment in his office that eliminates having to go to the surgery center for most procedures. He is the best pain management doctor in this part of the country. His staff has been with him for years, is very familiar with patients and courteous. I highly recommend Dr. Panjabi for anyone suffering from pain.

Christie W.
I am always happy with the service. Sometimes my appointment is just to touch base or sometimes, its longer while we discuss pain management options. My insurance isnt up on all the new treatments but Dr Panjabi has no problem getting them the information about treatments and success stories

Mary R.
The always answers my questions and fills my refills.

Joemer C.
Great customer service and amazing Doctor.

Stephanie K.
I have been a long time patient of this very busy office. I have seen staff come and go. I wanted to take time to acknowledge Haley working the front desk. With the departure of Dr. Singa the office was so hectic. Haley always remained calm, patient and professional. She always returned my calls promptly and fixed any dilemma with ease. There were times when she smiled at patients and acknowledged that she understood that they were in pain. It’s frustrating to sit and wait when you aren’t feeling well but it’s so nice that you know that someone cares. I just wanted to say thanks Haley for all you do!

Terri B.
Dr. Panjabi listens. He has a sophisticated system documenting his medical reports. I like that the patients are able to log on to the patient portal and obtain all office visits reports electronically. His reports are thorough and well documented. I’ve been treating with Dr. Panjabi for over 4 years. Unlike previous workers comp physicians, you actually are placed in an exam room and Dr. Panjabi wears attire for the examine patient vs. sitting in a doctor office while doctor is behind a desk. He is also an anesthesiologist. You’re in good hands with Dr. Panjabi. He’s worth the 2 hour commute. He also employed great staff. If you leave a message on their voicemail, someone ALWAYS follow up. The entire team is very professional and great you by Ms. or Mrs.

Cameron L.
Ok. Took a little long to get seen.

Michael B.
Doctor Panjabi is a great Doctor. Genuine and professional.

Sherida M.
I love it they have a wonderful staff an Dr.Panjabi is Great…

Robert W.
Interaction with the doctor was fine, just a little confusion with the staff beforehand because my appointment time had been switched. Telemed.

Anthony M.
I have been a patient of Dr. Panjabi for about 10 years and highly recommend him and his staff. His partner, Dr. Singa, who has recently left the office for personal reasons, was also incredibly great. Both demonstrating equal caring and expertise in their field. I don’t know what I would have done had I not been referred to them. I’ve had 2 spinal surgeries in the past and Dr. Panjabi has taken care of me over the years, providing me with every resource imaginable, to try to lessen my pain and make me as comfortable as possible. From epidurals to physical therapy referrals, he has done it all, and for that I am extremely grateful. I plan on remaining a patient of his for as long as I need an expert in pain management.

Cynthia B.
Very responsive to my needs. I recommend him

Shannon W.
I have been a patient with Dr Panjabi for 4 years. Though he is busy, he is very caring. He has helped me a lot to help manage my pain. He always asks how I am doing and what he can help me with. It is hard to get through to the office at times and to get return calls, so that can be improved.

What can I say about advanced pain management? The doctors are very friendly and they actually care about you and not try to push a procedure on you..I’ve been a patient for over 10-15 years I believe. The staff everybody is nice and cordial but jasmine and Julie are so nice they have dealt with every single thing I need, they still act nice to me even though I call a lot the day of my appt. With the procedures now with the Corina virus Julie is working from home and she made me feel so comfortable to the point She explained everything that was going to happen to my medication, appts and treatment.

Erika E. / Yelp

Dr. Panjabi is a wonderful doctor. Very caring and stays updated on the latest pain treatments. It take patience to see him, because he’s so thorough he may run late sometimes. But if you’re willing to work with him. He’ll get you out of pain.Definitely recommend Dr. Panjabi and his great staff!

Cami / Google


A five star goes out to Julie.
She is a asset to the Drs And staff. Making sure all appointments are made. In office and surgery center.. Working hard for patents.. Thank you.

Barbara P / Yelp

I went for a consultation with Dr Panjabi for back pain I was having for a few months. He is a good doctor was very helpful and listened to my concerns. The office is very well kept and Julie and Yasmine are so friendly and made me feel comfortable with my visit. They deserve ten stars for their customer service. I highly recommend this place.

Marianne D / Yelp


Dr. Panjabi is an excellent pain management specialist. His staff is great and if you get there a little bit early, there usually isn’t too much wait time. I wouldn’t want any other Doctor managing my pain.

Hillary M / Google


I have suffered from on and off again back and neck pain for over 25 years now. In the past 5 years the pain has worsened progressively. I have a friend who is a pain management specialist in El Dorado Hills and I would visit him when the pain was more than I could take. As comfortable as I was seeing my friend for the management of my pain, I knew I needed to find an alternative closer to home. I starting seeing Dr. Panjabi about 4 years ago, and upon my first visit I felt comfortable with his knowledge and ability to treat me.

Robert W / Yelp