ADVANCED Pain Management is please to be one of the first Bay Area practices to offer the latest breakthrough in regenerative medicine- LIPOGEMS® 

LIPOGEMS® is a single-use, FDA cleared device for 

harvesting adipose tissue (fat) from your own body and processing it into an injectable substance with remarkable healing and regenerative properties. This micro fat transfer is rich in stem cells and vascular supply – resulting in a ground-breaking solution for tissue regeneration.


  • You suffer from an injury or ailment that limits your normal daily functioning or physical activity.

  • Have a soft tissue defect in the tissue of tendons, ligaments, and muscles. In order to restore orthopedic function, these defects require tissue repair and regeneration, as well as cushioning and support. 

  • Treatment options, such as physical therapy, NSAIDS, or steroid injections have not provided significant relief.

  • You would like to explore Lipogems as a minimally invasive alternative to a major surgical intervention.

  • Your doctor determines if it may be used in addition to your surgery.


  • Your doctor will help determine what activities you can perform and put you on treatment plan. Patients should not engage in strenuous activity for at least 1-2 weeks following the procedure.

  • Patients may experience mild to moderate swelling and/or local inflammation at injection site and/or site of tissue harvest for up to 4-5 days post-procedure.

  • Patients may be given some pain medication and should follow your doctor’s recommendations.

  • Ice may be used to reduce local inflammation/swelling.

  • A compression garment maybe given to wear for a few days after the procedure.

  • Patients should not take steroids following the Lipogems procedure.

  • Patients may have some bruising at or around site of tissue harvest is expected.


  • Alternative to surgery or may be used in addition to your surgery.

  • Fat can be easily accessed and harvested using a minimally invasive procedure and local anesthesia.

  • Research has shown that regardless of a person’s age, their fat maintains its reparative properties 5, 6, 7unlike other tissues such as bone marrow, which may lose healing capacity with age. 

  • Lipogems washes your fat tissue to remove the inflammatory oils and blood but preserves the natural and beneficial properties of the tissue. Lipogems tends to stay in the area where it is injected instead of being reabsorbed by the body,1 allowing your body to maximize the benefits of Lipogems for an extended period of time.

  • Can be done in the office or in addition to surgery using minimally invasive, patented and proprietary FDA cleared device.


The Lipogems® device is a class II A single-use medical device for the processing of lipoaspirated adipose tissue.The unit consists of a transparent plastic cylinder with filters and beads for the micro-fracturing of adipose tissue.

The filters are fitted with Luerlock® connectors to make it easy and safe to attach the syringes containing lipoaspirates and those for the collection of processed tissue.

The tubes that guarantee the constant flow of saline solution and the elimination of waste products are connected to the cylinder.

The tubes connected to the filters have a device for the blocking/unblocking of the saline solution; this mechanism is simple and safe.The processing unit along with the cannulas and set of syringes make up the Lipogems® kit.


First the skin is numbed using local anesthesia.

Next a thin blunt-tip cannula is inserted into the fat layer and the fat is infiltrated with a mixture of sterile saline and anesthetic. We then let this sit for 15 minutes to make sure that adequate anesthesia is obtained.

We then insert a thin harvesting cannula and aspirate the fat. This takes only a few minutes and is virtually painless. Depending on what areas or joints we’re injecting, we take anywhere from 50-120 cc of fat. (That’s roughly 4-8 tablespoons). 

Once the fat is harvested it’s processed using the proprietary LIPOGEMS® device to yield a powerful healing autologous tissue. This takes about 20 minutes and is done while you wait.

The resulting lipoaspirate is then placed into several small syringes for injection.
We perform all of our injections under ultrasound guidance to help insure both accurate and safe treatment.

The total length of the visit for a LIPOGEMS® treatment is about 90 minutes, but most of that time involves either waiting for the anesthesia to take effect or waiting while the technician processes and prepares the fat for injection.


Fat contains a high percentage of stem cells which are undifferentiated cells that may regenerate and multiply forming tissue when necessary. Conventional stem cell treatments isolate these stem cells and inject them into areas that require healing or repair. Many stem cells however die in the process due to lack of a supportive environment.

LIPOGEMS preserves the fat environment which contains cells such as pericytes and cytokines that support and direct the activity of stem cells. During the process, the adipose tissue is fragmented to release cells and certain residues that promote inflammation are removed. No enzymes are used at all and a sterile saline solution helps minimize damage to the cellular products. 

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